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Who is

Who is

Giorgio Brosio is Professor Emeritus, University of Torino, Italy. He has been professor at the Universities of Torino, Bari and Geneva. He has served as President of the Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica (Italian Public Economics Association) from 2009 to 2012 and as President of the European Public Choice Society (April 1992 - April l993) and member of the Board of the Italian Association of Regional Economics (AISRE).
His research interests focus on public choice, fiscal federalism, and natural resources. He has worked extensively in developing and emerging countries as a consultant for international institutions (IMF, World Bank, IADB, ADFB, the United Nations and the EU) on public sector reform and development, with emphasis on taxation, natural resources and decentralization issues. He has long record of publications, including books and articles on academic journals.

Selected pubblications

Decentralization in Africa, in E. Ahmad and V. Tanzi (eds.) Managing Fiscal Decentralization, Routledge, 2002.

Oil revenue and fiscal federalism, in J.M. Davies, R. Ossowsky an A. Fedelino (editors). IMF. 2003.

Does Decentralization Enhances Service Delivery and Poverty Reduction ? ( edited with E. Ahmad), Edgar Elgar, Cheltenham, 2009.

Democracy preserving institutions: the quasi federal system of South Africa, in F. Cabrillo, M. Puchades-Navarro (Eds.) Constitutional Economics and Public Institutions, Edward Elgar, 2014.

Decentralization and Reform in Latin America, (edited with JP Jimenez), CEPAL/Edward Elgar, 2012.

Reducing Reliance on Natural Resource Revenue and Increasing Subnational Tax Autonomy in Bolivia. IDB Working paper. NO. IDB. WP 298. 2012.

Improving Service Delivery through Decentralization: A Challenge for Asia, ADB Economics Working Paper Series, 2014

Local property taxation and benefits in developing countries –overcoming political resistance? with E Ahmad, and C. Pöschl in Handbook of  multilevel finance.

Looking at the impact of government fiscal policy on regional inequality. The case of Mexico. with  Juan Pablo Jimenez and Ignacio Ruelas. Revista de la CEPAL N° 126  December, 2018

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