Established in 2014 through a grant of the Compagnia di San Paolo, and associated to the Collegio Carlo Alberto, l’Osservatorio sulle Economie Emergenti - Torino (OEET) or Turin Centre on Emerging Economies, is an independent, non-profit centre dedicated to the study and monitoring of major emerging economies and to the dissemination of results of economic analyses and information to firms, institutions and the general public. Based in Turin (Italy), OEET regularly organizes conferences and workshops with high-level experts, and also issues a quarterly newsletter providing analyses on the economic trends of emerging countries. A particular attention is initially given to China, India, Vietnam and to some North-African countries, whose economic relations with Italy are rapidly growing. There is also a constant dissemination of data and publications on major emerging economies, coming from OEET’s research group and other prominent scholars. Important events are regularly organized in partnership with the Collegio Carlo Alberto, the University of Turin, the Italian and European Associations of Comparative Economics and other research institutions.

Scientific Committee

Ordinary members

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Law, Turin University.

  • Associate Professor of Economics at Eastern Piedmont University. Adjoint Professor of International Economics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy). Associate Senior Research Fellow at ISPI.

  • Assistant Professor, Turin University. Co-founder and Head of Research of T.wai (Torino World Affairs Institute).

  • Managing Director, NOMISMA, Bologna

  • Professor of Economics of European Integration at the University of Parma. Professor of “The Economics and Law of European Union" at the University Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC).

  • Assistant Professor, University of Ferrara and Lecturer of Advanced Applied Economics.

  • Full Professor of Industrial Economics at the University of Eastern Piedmont

  • Associate Professor, Turin University

  • Associate Professor, Turin University

  • Research Fellow, University of Turin, Bocconi University, Imperial College London

  • Research Fellow

Corresponding members


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Our activities


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