Research Fellow and Lecturer in Economics, Politecnico of Turin.

Who is Elena Vallino

Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, University of Torino (2005)
Master in International and Development Economics, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany (2007)
PhD in Economics, University of Torino (2011)

Previous positions
Visiting scholar at CRED, University of Namur, Belgium (2009)
Visiting scholar at CSID, Arizona State University, USA (2010)
Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Insubria, Varese (2014-2015)
Research fellow at the University of Torino (2013-2014)
Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Alessandria (2011-2013)
Research assistant at Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri (TO) (2011-2013)

Research interests
Development economics, Natural resource management, International aid, Environmental economics, Green consumers behavior, Contingent valuation, Transport.

Selected publications


Frontuto V., Dalmazzone S., Vallino E., Giaccaria S., 2017, Earmarking conservation: further inquiry on scope effects in stated preference methods applied to nature-based tourism. Tourism Management 60:130-139.

Maggi E. and Vallino E., 2016, Understanding the climate change implications of urban mobility and the impact of public policies: the role of the agent-based models. Research in Transportation Economics 55: 50-59. 

Navarra C. and Vallino E., 2015, Who had the idea to build up a village organization? Some evidence from Senegal and Burkina Faso. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 86(1): 33-72.

Vallino E., 2013, The tragedy of the park: an agent-based model of endogenous and exogenous institutions for forest management. Ecology and Society 19 (1): 35. [online] URL:

Bravo G., Vallino E., Cerutti K. A., Pairotti M. B., 2013, Alternative scenarios of green consumption in Italy: an empirically grounded model. Environmental Modelling & Software, 47: 225-234.

Vallino E., 2009, Community based management of a protected area: the case of GEPRENAF in Burkina Faso, International Journal of Social Forestry, 2(1): 24-42.

Working papers

Bertacchini E., Grazzini J. and Vallino E., 2013, Emergence and evolution of property rights. An agent based perspective. Working Paper Series, Department of Economics and Statistics, No 40/2013, Torino.

Vallino E., 2013, Why droughts started to turn into famines in the Late Victorian periods? A complex system approach. Working Paper Series, Department of Economics and Statistics, No 17/2013, Torino.

Vallino E. and Aldashev G., 2013, NGOs and participatory conservation in developing countries: why are there inefficiencies? Working Paper Series, Department of Economics and Statistics, No 18/2013, Torino.

Book chapters

Ambrosino A., Maggi E., Vallino E., 2017, Economics of complexity and the analysis of local regulation: the case of urban mobility. In Asquer A., Becchis F. and Russolillo D. (eds), The political economy of local regulation, Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy Series, edited by Carroll T., Ramesh M., Darryl S. L. J., and  Cammack P., Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Lectures on Complexity Economics and Agent-based modelling, Master Degree in Global Entrepreneurship Economics and Management, University of Insubria (2015).
Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Corso di Laurea Magistrale Cooperazione Sviluppo e Innovazione nell’Economia Globale, University of Torino (2014 – 2015).
Tutor for the module Economic analysis of institutions for development at the Master Programme Management of Development, International Labour Organization and University of Torino (since 2012).

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