Full Professor of Applied Economics, University of Macerata

Who is

Who is

Current and previous positions

Full Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Macerata (since 2020)

Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Macerata, Department of Law (2018-2020)

Researcher at the University of Macerata, Department of Law (2006-2018)

Founder and Director China Center, Interdepartmental Research Center of the University of Macerata (2013)

Research interests

Industrial economics Industrial policies FDI Chinese economy  Third mission of University

Selected publications

Sampaolo, G., Spigarelli, F., Tassinari, M., (2022) La politica industriale della Cina: tendenze in corso e prospettive future Rivista Di Politica Economica; 1-2022; Roma, Confindustria Servizi S.p.A.; pp. 213 - 244 (ISSN: 0035-6468)

Rubini, L., Pollio, C., Spigarelli, F., & Lv, P. (2021). Regional social context and FDI. An empirical investigation on Chinese acquisitions in Europe. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics58, 402-415. 

McIntyre, J. R., & Spigarelli, F. (2021). The New Chinese Dream: Industrial Transition in the Post-Pandemic Era. Cham: Springer International Publishing. 

Lv, P., Curran, L., Spigarelli, F., & Barbieri, E. (2021). One country, many industries: Heterogeneity of Chinese OFDI motivations at meso level. China Economic Review69, 101672. Silvestri, F., Spigarelli, F., & Tassinari, M. (2020). Regional development of Circular Economy in the European Union: A multidimensional analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production255, 120218.

Curran, L., Lv, P., & Spigarelli, F. (2017). Chinese investment in the EU renewable energy sector: Motives, synergies and policy implications. Energy Policy101, 670-682.

Lv, P., & Spigarelli, F. (2016). The determinants of location choice: Chinese foreign direct investments in the European renewable energy sector. International Journal of Emerging Markets.

Lv, P., & Spigarelli, F. (2015). The integration of Chinese and European renewable energy markets: The role of Chinese foreign direct investments. Energy Policy81, 14-26.

Spigarelli, F., Alon, I., & Mucelli, A. (2013). Chinese overseas M&A: overcoming cultural and organisational divides. International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development 26(1-2), 190-208.

Bellabona, P., & Spigarelli, F. (2007). Moving from open door to go global: China goes on the world stage. International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management1(1), 93-107.

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